Wit 'n' wisdom - 17 April 2012

DR LING Ronnebeck of Chatswood, NSW, had a Chinese patient who came originally from Beijing and had recently visited a national park near Sydney.

The patient described quite emotionally how he discovered towards the end of his hike that his right foot had become completely soaked in blood.

He was convinced that a malicious man must have lurked in the undergrowth and injured him with a needle.

He was terrified that he might now be HIV positive and insisted on a blood test. 

After establishing that aside from some blood loss he had not suffered any pain and had no recollection of sighting anyone, Dr Ronnebeck explained the risks of encountering leeches and how these despicable and crafty creatures operate.

The patient had never heard of such an exotic animal and insisted that the word “leech” be written on a piece of paper so he could look it up in his dictionary.

W’n’W regular Dr Henry