Wit 'n' wisdom - 20 March 2012

Now known as Dr Kat Ritchie of Strathfieldsaye, Vic, she sent us these two gems. 

An Egyptian colleague was assisting her in a wedge resection procedure the other day. 

As Dr Ritchie cut into the nail and the nail bed, she heard him say soothingly to the young female patient, “Okay, we are starting. You should feel pleasure, not pain.” 

Dr Ritchie laughed so hard she had to put down the scalpel before explaining that his accent makes some consonants like ‘r’ a little bit tricky.

Recently, a female patient complained: “My knees make creaking, crackling sounds.”

“Ah yes,” said Dr Ritchie, “crepitus.” 

Much to her surprise, the patient greeted this statement with cackles of laughter. 

“Decrepitus!” she said gleefully, “What an appropriate name.” 

Dr Ritchie had trouble convincing her