Wit 'n' wisdom - 9 March 2012

Dr Murray was at an education seminar recently when a palliative care specialist told of a terminally ill patient who accosted him in his outpatient clinic for starting her on a tablet called “End One”. He explained it was the one word “Endone” painkiller, not a death sentence.

Former W’n’W legend Dr Nick Hallebone of East Malvern, Vic, has been quiet lately – no doubt the result of the fact that most of his patients are asleep (hopefully) while he is practising his new role as a surgical assistant. 

He was reminded recently of a funny, unintended comment that a young Samuel Hallebone made when the family went to a GP conference some years ago. Sam told his primary school friend that the family was going to Stonehenge. He meant Stonelea, a lovely conference venue in North East Victoria. 

Dr Nick recently walked into theatre for an emergency caesar at about 4am. 

The obstetrician said