Wit'n'wisdom - 1 December

When Dr Kat Koh of Rochester, Vic, first started working in her new clinic, it used to puzzle her greatly when in the medical directory, under the ‘Occupation’ section, she would read the word “career”. She has since learnt that her lovely reception staff are not immune to the occasional spelling error, and quietly changed it to reflect the patient’s true career as a personal “carer”. 

Recently a man came in and asked for his echo results. Looking intently at the screen, Dr Koh said: “All is working well, but you appear to have quite a big heart.” 

He laughed heartily and said: “Perhaps I should stop being so generous.”

A girl came in to see Dr Doug Allen of Toorak Gardens, SA, with a foreign body in the eye. She said that she was applying her “defoliant” face cream and a speck went in her eye.

When Dr Allen checked the bottle, it was labelled &ldquo