Wit'n'wisdom 1 February 2010

I have become quite obsessed with removing skin lesions. To facilitate appointments, I created some laminated cards. The receptionists know when they get a “ROL” card to make an appointment for a removal of a lesion and if they get a “ROS” to arrange a removal of suture with our nurse.

Today I handed an elderly Italian patient a ROS card to give to the receptionist on his way out. He was inquisitive as to what it meant but I just fobbed him off. Finally, he said to me, “I’ve worked it out – your name is really Ross?”

Dr Liz Fraser of Canberra, ACT, was chatting to her favourite epidemiologist (FE) who showed her some research about metabolic syndrome (central obesity, hypertension, dyslipidaemia and insulin resistance) in both humans and mice. 

This prompted her to wonder: just how do the intrepid researchers measure blood pressure in their small but obese subjects? FE replied, “With a