Wit’n’wisdom - 12 April 2010

DON’T you just love technology? Dr Genevieve Yates of Cooroy, Qld, was preparing a lecture on treating atrophic vaginitis. 

Unbeknown to her, the spell checker changed ‘pessary’ to ‘passerby’, leaving her with the following amusing course of action: “Insert one passerby into the vagina nightly for two weeks then twice to three times weekly as required.”

In a similar vein, a patient recently told Dr Yates her hospitalised elderly mother had been “seduced into a coma”. 

Dr Cindy Swannell of Wishart, Qld, was working in the country years ago when she had a lady in her early 80s ask for a check-up. It had been years since the patient had had sex with her husband, and he wanted to be intimate again before “getting too old”. 

She wasn’t keen but had decided to go along with it “for Ronny’s sake”.

As expected, she had atrophic