Wit'n'Wisdom - 12 October 2012

The truth is I love a chat and am easily distracted, especially during football season.

I am in awe of doctors who run on time, so the story of Dr Darshini Wickramasinghe of Epsom, Vic, tickled my fancy.

She was telling her receptionist the other day that she hated running late and how she preferred to see her patients on time.

“Yes,” commented the receptionist, “you have been rather busy.” Dr Wickramasinghe then thought she said, “It doesn’t help when you get the Wallameirs.”

“Who are they?” Dr Wickramasinghe inquired, thinking they might be some patients whose names she could not remember.

“No, the WHILE-I’M-HEREs,” the receptionist rephrased. “You know, while I’m here...”

Dr Roger Smith of Berwick, Vic, saw an elderly lady recently who wanted a letter stating she was fit and able to look after herself