Wit'n'wisdom 13 July 2011

DR JOE Di Stefano of Leopold, Vic, saw a lady recently who informed him she suffered from “Tin-Tin-itis”. 

He was tempted to suggest this was due to a rare form of tinea of the ear, suffered by owners of a particular breed of German shepherd dog, descendants of Rin Tin Tin. However, discretion and professionalism prevailed and he treated her tinnitus appropriately. 

According to another lady, her ENT specialist planned to surgically correct her deviated nasal septum and remove her “terminates”. Of course, the ENT surgeon will just trim her turbinates and this won’t be terminal.

Jeff Norton’s GP wife was driving home from the usual intense long day at the clinic on the day the new highway bypass opened in Alstonville, NSW. With her mind still totally on medicine, she could not understand for several minutes why anyone would put out a sign reading “Ignore GPs”. If this is lost on some, the sign