Wit'n'wisdom 17 May 2011

DON’T you just love the ‘upsizers’? My elderly patient bounded in: “I think I need both of them this year – the influenza and the flu vaccine.” 

I couldn’t resist it, so I replied: “Well, we’ve only got the flu vaccine left, but it should cover you against influenza.”

Lisa Taliana works as a practice nurse in Sunshine West, Vic. One of her GPs was seeing a three-year-old girl for catch-up immunisation. Her 12-month-old sister was up next for her shots as well. The three-year-old turned to her and said with a brave voice: “The doctor just gave me a temperature.”

Next the girl turned to the GP and said: “Thank you for giving me my temperature. I was very brave, wasn’t I? Can my sister have her temperature too now please?” 

Dr Russell McDonnell of Capel, WA, recently saw a four-year-old girl with a fever. After examining her and finding no