Wit'n'wisdom - 18 May 2012

One patient said she’d been on the internet and done her research. She said she knew what she had – sinus tachycardia. 

“When does it happen?” Dr Mac asked her.

“At the gym when I exercise.” 

He was thinking that was totally plausible. 

“My heart goes fast and then my nose blocks up along with my face and the rest of my head. It’s definitely sinus tachycardia.”

Oh my gosh, blocked up head and rapid pulse. Sinus tachycardia, but not as we know it. Which pages was she doing the internet research on? One on sinus, the other on tachycardia? He was sure they weren’t on the same page, and neither was he.

Whenever Dr MacDonald asks about allergies, he holds his breath. He is forever amazed at the answers. He never realised how many people were “allergic” to country and western music. Other combinations of allergies are equally intriguing: