Wit'n'wisdom 20 July 2011

I LOVE the too-clever-by-half snobby patients who shoot themselves in the foot. An exemplar of this species was complaining about her workmates: “They don’t pronunciate properly? Don’t you hate that?” I could only agree.

Dr Hilary Butt of Newcastle, NSW, recently received a letter from a surgeon about a patient who had suffered a sepsis and underwent a scan to locate the source of infection.

The scan referred to was a “galleon scan”. Was this a new form of radiological piracy? Or did it refer to the type of money with which Harry Potter might pay for the scan?

Dr Butt thinks the scan in question may have been a gallium scan. It did state at the bottom of the letter that the surgeon had not reviewed its contents. Was he somewhere on the high seas?

W’n’W legend Dr Vivienne Tedeschi of Bowraville, NSW, had one of her Indigenous toddlers come in for a routine visit with her mother.