Wit'n'wisdom 21 June 2011

DR GIANNI Fantini of Sorell, Tas, could barely contain himself when a patient told him the other day that after a blood test he had been diagnosed with “low ­pikelets”. Dr Fantini is fairly certain that, looking at him, he was getting plenty to eat for breakfast – but his platelet count might have been a bit dodgy. 

Dr Simon Murray of Red Hill, Qld, has two slightly racy anecdotes for us.

He was examining the penis of a well-endowed young man, looking for a cause for his dysuria. 

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” he concluded, mentally going through the differential.
 The patient interrupted his thought processes with: “That’s what I’ve been told.” 

Recently, Dr Murray was discussing the side-effects of cyproterone with a man who’d been prescribed it by his oncologist. 

He mentioned reduced libido, depression and sometimes