Wit'n'wisdom... 21 October 2011

A CONSCIENTIOUS colleague recently installed a new automated height-adjusting examination couch that set him back $4000 plus change. 

It replaced a much less sophisticated wooden couch with inbuilt steps that, like its owner, was showing its age.

The first week the new couch was installed, a patient with achondroplastic dwarfism refused to climb on to it, furiously demanding he bring back the old couch.And they call it progress.

W’n’W legend Dr Zeenat Hussain of Elwood, Vic, has sent in some of her Pap experiences. First, a mother came in with her four-year-old boy. 

“He’ll be very quiet,” she promised. “I’ve got lots of snacks and treats.” She undressed, and before she got on the bed, she gave the food to the little boy. 

Dr Hussain drew the curtain, and, as it was destined, the Pap was one of those difficult ones with lots of gel and exploration. The patient wasn