Wit'n'wisdom 23 May 2011

DR NABEEL Makmahi of Jannali, NSW, had one of his long-standing patients come in asking for some Viagra tablets. Fine, he thought, relatively routine consultation. 

The patient went on to explain that he and his wife were going away for their 10-year anniversary and he had seen an advertisement for the drug stating that an erection could last for up to four hours. He was naturally somewhat disappointed to discover that this was definitely neither possible nor a good thing.

Dr John McAlpine of Gerringong, NSW, was encouraging a depressed middle-aged man to get more active by venturing outside to walk the dog rather than watch television all day. He quoted lines from the song ‘Sunshine on my Shoulders’ and talked about how being in the outdoors would lift John Denver’s mood. The morose reply was: “Well, it didn’t do him much good.”

Dr Chandra Krishnamurthi of East Ivanhoe, Vic, saw a very pleasant new patient