Wit'n'wisdom 24 February 2011

I HAVE an elderly Italian couple who never cease to crack me up, although their latest malapropism takes the cake. When I enquired about the cause of the husband’s poor eyesight, the wife proudly informed me it was due to “macaroni”. After hunting down the right letter, I discovered that macular degeneration was the real cause of his low vision – and the pasta was innocent.

Legendary W’n’W contributor Dr Joe Di Stefano of Leopold, Vic, had a patient who recently informed him that among her other issues she needed her “bilingual” spray. Dr Di Stefano informed her he was just the right man to ask – being able to offer her invective both in English and his native Italian.

However, the patient decided she would find the Nitrolingual variety of spray more beneficial.

W’n’W regular Dr Sylvia Yu of Bethania, Qld, tells us of an elderly lady who reported back after her visit to a gynaecologist