Wit'n'wisdom - 25 November 2011

She later asked for “pethidine cream” for the wound. He prescribed Betadine.

Dr Kat Koh of Rochester, Vic, has two gems for us. A patient had some dental work done and was describing it to her with relish. 

“They hacked and sawed and finally pulled out the infected tooth – the roots were this long.” He held his fingers about 10 cm apart. “Guess I must be getting long in the tooth,” he said, grinning. 

One of Dr Koh’s routine questions is: “Is your sleep disturbed?” It has only failed her once – when her patient replied: “Yes, I get up every two hours during the night – first at 11 pm when the dog wants to go out, then at 1 am when she wants to come back in, then at 3 when the cat wants to go out...”

Dr Gavin Nichols of Coffs Harbour, NSW, has a patient who attends regular follow-up at oncology for his