Wit'n'wisdom 28 June 2011

W’N’W aficionado Dr Mike Munroe of Bunbury, WA, has two stories for us.

A 70-year-old male patient in good health advised him last week that he had willed his body to one of the medical schools for dissection. 

“So you see, Doc,” he said, “I’m finally going to university.”

Recently, an eight-year-old boy was telling Dr Munroe he had two grandmothers – one British and one Australian. He said his British gran had “soft, white skin”, but his Australian gran had skin like “Kentucky Fried Chicken”.

Dr Louise Phillips of Albany Creek, Qld, recently had a patient who told her his psychiatrist had previously been a surgeon. 

Dr Phillips expressed her surprise, given how completely different the two specialties are. 

The patient very knowingly said: “Yes, on his business card, after his name, is ‘MBBS’, which means he has a