Wit’n’wisdom 29 April 2011

SINCE every sport in the country seems to be having a legends series, I thought why not a W’n’W Legends column?

And who better to open the bowling for the Legends than Dr Andrew MacDonald of Cooks Hill, NSW. A patient of his was making an omelette recently and went to the fridge. She reached in and heard a large crack. “It wasn’t an egg, and it was downhill from there, Doc. I think I need an x-ray.” 

Next up, Dr Joe Di Stefano of Leopold, Vic, reminds us that patients seem to forget a wide variety of objects in the consulting room. One patient he had known for many years forgot a pair of hinges intended for a minor home maintenance task. As he returned from the surgery car park to retrieve them from his room, Dr Joe suggested it was fortunate he had realised his oversight so quickly.

Otherwise, he would have had to be accountable to his wife had he arrived home unhinged.

Newly anointed legend Dr Zeenat