Wit'n'wisdom 30 May 2011

SOMETHING a bit different this week. Inspired by our beloved Health Minister’s revolutionary super clinics, I have produced a patient-free W’n’W.

W’n’W icon Dr Nick Hallebone of Armadale, Vic, proves he still has it by dredging up a story from his past. He recalled an amusing situation when he was an intern many, many years ago. He was working at Wodonga Hospital when he overheard a nurse reflecting on a mishap. 

While she was on the way to work, she saw her husband in the rear-vision mirror heading in the opposite direction on his motorbike. He proceeded to hit a tree at low speed. Nothing too startling, you may think. However, this nurse had a reputation for unpredictability.

She was actually running late for her nursing shift and decided not to stop and render assistance.

Dr Jeanette Abery of Edgeworth, NSW, was called for an urgent after-hours visit on a Saturday afternoon. It was a miserable, rainy