Wit'n'wisdom 4 October 2011

W’N’W touchstone Dr Nick Hallebone of Armadale, Vic, has been doing plenty of assisting at caesarean sections and has heard a lot of newborn names. He thought he would share a few with us that are rather different. 

One baby was named Roxy as her mother works as a DJ at nightclubs and enjoys playing Roxy Music numbers. Another child was named Lomax, a mix it seems of one of the first proton pump inhibitors (Losec) and Melbourne’s first 3D cinema (IMAX) – quite a bizarre name Nick thought. 

The one that seems to take a prize for tackiness was the highly unusual name of Elamef (female spelt backwards), as the couple was desperate for a boy. 

For the record, Nick’s children’s names are the comparatively tame James, Samuel and Chloe.

Dr Sue Hodson of Fitzroy, Vic, laughed at correspondence from a local ophthalmologist, who, she guesses, was using a new voice-recognition software program.