Wit'n'wisdom 5 July 2011

I WAS reading a patient’s notes recently and I was shocked. I guess there must be a small subset of the population that looks forward to their Pap smears. However, this patient had taken her adoration for the speculum and pipe cleaner to a higher plane. There it was, in black and white: “Review in October when die for Pap.”

W’n’W stalwart Dr Andrew MacDonald of Cooks Hill, NSW, had a friend send him an email recently. Dr Mac glanced at it while busy with other Monday morning things and thought it said: “I’ve got pneumonia. God is deliberating.” 

When he re-read the email at his leisure at home later, it actually said: “I’ve got pneumonia. God it’s debilitating.” 

Dr Mac guesses either way his friend felt pretty bad and unwell.

Dr Jennifer Krawitz of Ballajura, WA, was tending to her four-year-old daughter, who had woken up with high fever and vomiting.