Wit'n'wisdom 6 Septemberr 2011

WNW doyenne Dr Vivienne Tedeschi, of Bowraville, NSW, had a slightly risqué interchange with a single mother having her first Pap. Dr Tedeschi asked, “Are you sexually active?” 

“You’re joking,” she replied. “Around here? With who?” 

Dr Tedeschi agreed, saying “There’s no decent blokes in the valley [where they both live].” 

Quick as a flash, she responded with: “There’s certainly no decent men in my valley.”

It has taken some courage for Dr Carol Elion, of Gordon, NSW, to send this, but it happened several years ago, before everyone knew what a ‘brazilian’ was. 

Anyway, when brazilian waxes were first available and something of a curiosity, Dr Elion was doing a Pap smear on a young woman and was somewhat taken aback when she presented with no pubic hair. 

In her surprise, she said, “Oh you