Wit'n'wisdom 7 June 2011

Dr Elizabeth Cope of Mosman, NSW, was in a café with a friend discussing the medical use of cocaine to stop nosebleeds, when she wondered whether it was still in use. 

Unfortunately, her line to her friend, whose husband is an ENT, took on a whole new meaning as it reverberated throughout the coffee shop: “By the way, does your husband still use cocaine?”

Recently, Dr Cope had a patient temporarily on Clexane injections who felt unable to auto-inject and had seen various different doctors to give them to her. She showed her the differently sized bruises and pointed out who had done which one. They then enjoyed a good laugh as they decided that perhaps each injector should sign their name next to the site so they could compare them.

Dr Rebecca Blake of Alexandria, NSW, reports that it was a fairly standard mother and son consult. She started with the 10-year-old boy, and when the consult was completed, he seemed to be happy to