Wit'n'wisdom 9 May 2011

OUR local psych institution, like most government instrumentalities, is all about restricting access to GPs. This is why it has cunningly rebadged itself as “Consultations and Partnerships”. 

So, boy, was I confused when my receptionist told me Matt from “Consultation Pharmacy” wanted to talk to me about starting my patient on a particular medication. Still, maybe, talking to a pharmacist would have been more useful.

Dr David Curtis of Mornington, Vic, was visiting an elderly, eccentric but favourite patient. It was a quick lunchtime visit and it was going well when, on his way back to the car, the lady asked: “Doctor, while you’re here, I wonder if you could help me with a computer problem?”

Ignoring the alarm bells going off in the recesses of his head – like all doctors, he feels that he is much more IT savvy than he actually is – he accepted the challenge.

The problem was that