Young GP to chair revamped registrars’ board

GENERAL Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA) has announced that young Queensland-based GP Dr Emily Farrell is to be the interim chair of a new-look board.

Dr Farrell, who completed her own GP training last year, steps into the role after having served on the GPRA board since September 2010 and as policy development officer since January this year.

“I have a real interest in the way the system works,” Dr Farrell told MO.

“I enjoy being able to make a real difference to the way that things are done, and in this case the way in which general practice training is delivered for registrars.

“I have seen some of the issues that other people have had and listening to the registrar liaison officers on the advisory council and have been hearing the issues they bring to GPRA... and thinking about how can we make a systemic difference that will bring about actually solving some of these problems for them.”