On-demand Webinar: Managing CV risk in adults with T2D – a practical approach

Guideline changes, CV risk reduction and treatment choices – what you need to know.

Management of type 2 diabetes is changing:1,2

  • International and Australian guidelines have changed as CV risk comes to prominence. How do you evaluate CV risk?
  • Treatment choices have become broader than ever, with new data emerging about CV benefits with certain medications. What’s the evidence?
  • Injectable therapies have entered the mix. How do you choose the right patient for an injectable?

Watch this on-demand webinar to get the facts on guideline changes and treatment choices to manage CV risk in adult T2D patients.

Get practical advice from the experts, as A/Prof Roger Chen and A/Prof Samantha Hocking offer realistic case studies of patients with T2D at risk of CVD, or with established CVD – and guidance on how to manage them.

Hosted by GP Dr Jon Fogarty, the webinar gave GPs the chance to have their questions answered.