Parents should set sun smart example for kids

Results from an Australian and New Zealand study showed a strong association between parental and children’s sun protection behaviours.

When parents used shade, sunscreen and longer leg cover, the odds of children practising the same behaviours were nine to 12 times greater.

The telephone survey found 73% of children had been outdoors during peak UV radiation (UVR) the weekend before the survey.

Overall, 8% of children had sunburn with 13% of those describing the sunburn as red and tender. The most common sunburn sites were the head and face.

The explanations given were that the sunscreen had worn off and that they had stayed in the sun too long.

A total of 58% of children wore sunscreen and 64% wore hats, which were the two most common forms of sun protection.

Most parents and children had highly or moderately sunburn-sensitive skin.

A total of 1140 parents with children aged 0–11 were