What makes people fat?

‘NEGATIVE brainstorming’ is a process of reverse thought engineering, designed to highlight the potential for problems by determining their causes. 

How do you spread malaria, for example? Infest a swamp near unprotected humans with Anopheles mosquitoes carrying the parasite. So then, how can you prevent malarial spread? Drain humid swamps, stop the parasite, kill mosquitoes, protect humans from mosquitoes, etc.

Similarly, how would you make a population fat? 

Here are some less obvious suggestions — and for which the alternatives might seriously be considered in order to bring about the opposite effect.

• Allow private interests to fund election campaigns: Political lobbyists allow vested interests to influence policy-makers. Fuel and motor vehicle lobbying, for example, allows the subsidising of cars and fuel at a rate that discourages ‘person power’. Food company lobbying has resulted in less