Hard-working doctors tarnished by double-dipping claims: union

The Salaried Medical Officers' Association's Bernadette Mulholland has vowed to work with the SA Government to stamp out corruption, bullying and harassment

A new report that suggests some hospital specialists are milking the system has tarnished the reputation of the majority of hard-working specialists, according to the union representing SA salaried doctors.

In a report released last week, Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Bruce Lander claimed some specialists were taking advantage of system failures to double-dip.

In one case highlighted, a doctor submitted a timesheet for “normal duties” in a public hospital, but there was evidence the doctor was remunerated for working at another location at the same time.

Clinicians with “considerable private interests and secondary employments are not being properly managed”, Mr Lander wrote in Troubling Ambiguity: Governance in SA Health.

However, the South Australian Salaried Medical Officers’