Professor Michael Kidd answers GP questions on pandemic self-care

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer says the pandemic is creating unique stresses on GPs

GPs have revealed how the "rollercoaster ride" of the past six weeks has impacted their mental health — and shared tips on how they have managed.

The Department of Health's latest webinar for GPs focussed on self-care, with Professor Michael Kidd suggesting GPs try meditation and practice mindfulness to cope with the extra stress of COVID-19.

He was joined by fellow Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Firman and Dr Katrina Anderson, a GP from Canberra.

Dr Anderson said one of the biggest challenges for her had been adapting to telehealth and the lack of face-to-face contact with her patients.

"So much of what we do as GPs is that connection to the patient," she said.

"And I miss them. I really miss them. And I find that I’m feeling more worried about them, because I haven’t got that personal