Watch: Professor Michael Kidd on the future of general practice

The 'new normal' for GPs will likely involve telehealth, says the Deputy Chief Medical Officer

The Department of Health’s latest webinar for GPs has focused on the “new normal”, as life continues with the ongoing threat of COVID-19, and what this means for general practice.

Host Professor Michael Kidd was joined by Professor Kirsty Douglas, a GP from Canberra and professor of general practice at ANU Medical School. 

“[It] will be a balancing act between maintaining caution, making sure people are continuing to get tested, continuing to take even minor upper respiratory tract infections seriously, but also not underestimating the need to get back to business as usual as much as possible,” Professor Douglas said. 

She added that she was "keen" to see a continuing role for telehealth, but stressed her view that it should never replace face-to-face consults. 

Professor Kidd, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer,