Catalyst program may kill people, ABC presenter says

Speaking to Fran Kelly on Radio National's Breakfast program yesterday, Dr Swan said the take-home message of the programs was that "it’s all bad, cholesterol is not a risk factor at all, I can go back to the way I was and statins are evil drugs sold by the evil empire of the pharmaceutical industry". 

The two-part Catalyst edition ‘Heart of the Matter’ – (‘Dietary Villains’ and ‘Cholesterol Drug War’) screened last week and the week before.

Part 1 branded the role of saturated fat and cholesterol in heart disease as one of the biggest myths in medical history, while Part 2 asserted that the majority of patients taking statins do not benefit from them.

“People will die as a result of this Catalyst program unless people understand at heart what the issues are,” Dr Swan said.

He said that while there was evidence that some people treated with statins would not