Fracture risk higher in users of antiepileptics

The cross-sectional study of 150 users of AEDs attending the hospital’s epilepsy outpatient clinic and 506 matched non-AED users estimated that the odds of fracture increased 4–6% with every year of use, amounting to a 40% increased risk for every decade on the drugs.

However more than 70% of patients established on antiepileptics and living in the community were unaware of their increased risk and wanted to know more about it, according to the research published in Neurology.

“The study indicates that awareness of these issues is poor despite our study population attending specialist epilepsy clinics at a centre with a major interest in the area,” lead investigator Professor John Wark, from the University of Melbourne, said in a media statement.

An accompanying editorial noted that no study has previously looked at the knowledge about osteoporosis among people taking AEDs.