General practice missing the Twitter revolution?

During the recent floods crisis, I was glued to my Twitter feed, which kept me abreast of the latest news from diverse sources – including the Queensland Police Service, various health organisations and ABC chief Mark Scott.

I was also watching the tweets of a number of bloggers whom I usually follow for their political and policy insights but who happened to be in flood-affected areas.

It is just one example of how dramatically my media consumption has changed since I joined the Twitterverse. 

It is now my major source of news, and certainly the one I enjoy most.

Perhaps because of its name, many people assume that Twitter is a place of vacuous conversation and unreliable information. No doubt it can be that. But used wisely, it can be so much more.

Not much can be said in the 140 characters allowed in a tweet, but their real value is in linking to other places – journal and media articles, health