GP caught in police Sudafed sting

Dr Peter Neils Andersen was the target of a covert operation by a policewoman using a false identity in June 2009. 

The undercover cop claimed she suffered from a sinus complaint and needed to take 120 Sudafed tablets on a three-month trip because it was difficult to purchase. 

Subsequently, Dr Andersen admitted prescribing pseudoephedrine products to six patients between 2006 and 2009 without taking care to determine they had a genuine therapeutic need for the medications. 

The products included Sudafed, Codral Cold & Flu and Demazin Cold & Flu tablets.

In the case of one patient, for whom he prescribed cold and flu tablets multiple times in a two-month period in 2007, Dr Andersen indicated in his patient notes that the man had been “robbed”, “fallen in a creek” and “robbed” again.

Other unlucky patients among the six who were given multiple prescriptions for