GP costs reduced through photos

Teledermatology has been used in general practice in the Netherlands since 2005.

GPs fill out patient data and upload patient photographs, which are then sent to dermatologists for review within two working days.

The study, including 1820 GPs and 166 dermatologists conducting nearly 40,000 teleconsultations, showed that tele­dermatology prevented 74% of face-to-face referrals and reduced costs by 18%.

GPs said they learned from the dermatologist’s response in 85% of all such consultations.“Dermatologists responded to a teledermatology consultation on average within 4.7 hours,” the authors said.

“[This enabled] the GPs to include the dermatologist’s advice immediately in their treatment plan instead of waiting the 6–8 weeks for a physical visit,” they said.

While the study demonstrated a benefit in the use of teledermatology the authors cautioned that the study lacked data on clinical