iQuiz 5 - Test your general knowledge

  1. The wine Chianti was originally named after what geographical feature?
  2. The Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds is the world capital of what major industry?
  3. What was the median house price in Sydney in 1975, to the nearest $10,000?
  4. Italian writer Carlo Collodi created which well-known fictional character?
  5. The 1965 album Best of the Beatles featured only one band member. Which one?
  6. Membranophones are musical instruments, and are more commonly known as what?
  7. Who played Sergeant Bilko in the long-running TV series?
  8. Rapper Aubrey Graham is better known as whom?
  9. Which doctor has a dog called K9?
  10. Christopher Cockerell pioneered the invention of which form of transport?