Nitschke defends decision not to refer suicidal man

“This man did not have a terminal illness and Dr Nitschke’s actions are a gross breach of his Hippocratic oath as a doctor, and offensive to all standards of common decency,” Mr Kennett said."

On ABC’s 7.30 program last night, Dr Nitschke said he believed Perth man Nigel Brayley had made a rational decision to end his life in April and he did not need to advise Mr Brayley to seek medical care from a GP. 

“The person made a rational decision and I’m not going to come along and try and second guess him on that one,” said Dr Nitschke, who runs Exit International, an end-of-life education group.

Mr Kennett disagreed. “So our GP detects we have cancer and does not refer us to an oncologist? Our GP detects we have mental illness and does not refer us to a psychologist or psychiatrist? Dr Nitschke says ‘no, support a young individual to end their life’.” 

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