Sex selection clinics overseas increasingly popular with Aussie couples

Data to be presented tomorrow at the annual scientific meeting of the Fertility Society of Australia in Sydney revealed more than 250 Australian couples had inquired about social sex selection over a 20-month period at the Superior ART clinic in Bangkok alone.

NHMRC guidelines permit IVF sex selection for medical reasons only to reduce the risk of transmitting serious genetic conditions. 

But Associate Professor Mark Bowman, medical director of the Genea IVF clinic, believes the ban should be reversed when ethical guidelines are reviewed.

“In general, couples undertaking IVF simply want to have a healthy baby irrespective of gender,” he said.

“Most people seeing patients on the ground know that for the vast majority of couples seeking sex selection, it is simply a case where they may have one or two children of one gender and want to balance their family with a child of the alternative gender.”