Wisdom of ‘big brekkie’ questioned

The old adage that dieters should have a substantial breakfast to reduce calorie intake during the day is flawed, German research suggests.   

As reported by The New York Times, the study involving 280 adults with obesity and 100 people with healthy weight, found that eating a large breakfast simply added to the number of daily calories consumed.  

Based on self-reported eating patterns over a two-week period, calorie intake after breakfast remained the same irrespective of whether participants consumed a small or large breakfast or even skipped breakfast. 

Higher daily calorie intake was associated with consumption of foods often listed on breakfast menus including bread, eggs, yoghurt, cheese, sausages, marmalade and butter. Senior author Dr Volker Schusdziarra, Professor of Internal Medicine at the Technical University in Munich, said the research rebutted common advice to dieters to consume a larger breakfast to decrease daily