Wit'n'wisdom 1 February 2011

ONE of my patients was perusing a copy of her file when she noted another doctor had recorded the cause of her injury as “playing on the floorboards with her partner”. 

She was upset because she now claims the still excruciatingly painful shoulder was caused by laying the aforementioned floorboards rather than engaging in hanky-panky. 

I was happy to amend the record, although, as I pointed out to her, because it now contained both versions of the incident, it looked even dodgier.

W’n’W legend Dr Nick Hallebone, now permanently living it up as a surgical assistant in Malvern, Vic, is back with a couple of gems for us. He recently heard a fellow saying the hospital staff had to “incubate” one of his relatives. Nick thinks he actually meant intubate. 

The other observation was even more amusing. One of the surgeons in theatre had her partner ring up in the middle of operating with the