Wit'n'wisdom - 15 November 2011

On the couch, his trousers and underwear at half mast, was a hairy, obese teenager who’d come in complaining of PR bleeding.

Just as Dr Carr inserted the (gloved) digit, the patient’s phone rang – and, to the doctor’s amazement, he fished it out of his pocket.

“You can answer that only if you tell the caller exactly what’s happening,” Dr Carr said.

Sure enough: “Hi, oh it’s you, Mum – yeah, the doc’s got his finger up my bum.” 

The youth of today...

Dr Sylvia Yu of Bethania, Qld, is on fire. One of her elderly patients with AF had a cardioversion to correct his heartbeat. Since then, he’s been obsessed with checking his heart rate. One day he came to see her, reporting his pulse rate was 88. She gave him a routine checkup and was reassured he was in sinus rhythm. 

“I just don’t like the 88,” he grumbled, &ldquo